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in the memory of Nicola Paccagnella





The photo contest, this year in its first edition, is promoted by:

Stefano Bianchi - Crowdbooks | Paola Riccardi - Gallery Al142 | NOC - New Old Camera |

Bruno Melada - Fine Art Print | Visual Frequencies Association of Photography and Multimedia Art | Società Agricola Gerolimetto. Directed by Enzo Cortini.



The Prize is dedicated to the memory of the photographer Nicola Paccagnella, who died prematurely last February. Umane Tracce, an intense portrait of a factory in the process of being demolished, a silent witness to the humanity that inhabited it, is the finished work he left us. Published last year in a Crowdbooks book and edited in an exhibition, this project was conducted with rigor and sensitivity. The Award is dedicated to the seriousness and humanity, typical of his approach to photography and inspired by the desire to remember him every year. The Prize also responds to the desire to create concrete and excellent opportunities for emerging photographers who have created a well-conceived photographic project.



The Prize is free to participate and is open to Italian and foreign photographers with no age limit. The Prize will select a photographic story that expresses a humanistic approach to the theme it deals with. The theme must adhere to the concept of a contemporary humanism, understood as attention to the great themes of Humanity and the lives of people.

The photographic works can be presented starting from January 1st 2021, and must be sent no later than December 31st 2021. The works of the jury will be held in February. The award ceremony open to the public and the presentation of the volume will take place on March 31st 2022. The winning work and extracts from the works of the other two winners will be published in an exhibition curated by Paola Riccardi, who will accompany the awards event.


A selection of 25 images is required, which represent the body of a single project.

The material can be b / w or color, reportage or personal research, documentary or related to current issues.

Incomplete submissions of participation and not accompanied by the materials and information requested, will not be taken into consideration for the purposes of participation in the Award.

Each person can participate with only one photographic project.



  1. 25 images of a single humanistic themed project, assembled in the correct sequence in a pdf format 20x30, a resolution of 300 dpi.

  2. PARTICIPATION FORM duly completed and signed, in .pdf format

  3. biography of the author in .doc format

  4. introductory text on the work presented. Include, if available, any critical text, both in .doc format

  5. captions, or titles, of the images, if any, in .doc format



Send via WeTransfer ( to: a single folder containing texts and pdf presentation named with your name and surname. Confirm your participation, attaching your participation form in an email to the same address, with the subject: confirmation of participation in Umane Tracce Award.



Stefano Bianchi [editor - Crowdbooks] - Anna Luccarini [photoeditor] Simona Guerra [curator] Francesco Nencini [director / photographer] Paola Riccardi [curator] Paola Rizzi [photographer] Emiliano Scatarzi [photographer] Michele Smargiassi [critic and journalist].


* The jury's judgment, rigorously articulated in an evaluation grid, will be final.





  • printing of an exhibition of 25 images in 30x40 format of the project made by the Laboratory BRUNO MELADA FINE PRINT ART

  • publication of a CROWDBOOKS volume dedicated to work

  • € 200 voucher to be spent at the NEW OLD CAMERA photographic equipment  retailer



  • 3 fine art prints from your own project made by the Laboratory BRUNO MELADA FINE PRINT ART

  • 3 CROWDBOOKS photo books

  • € 150 voucher to be spent at the NEW OLD CAMERA photographic equipment retailer



  • 1 fine Art print from your own project made by the laboratory BRUNO MELADA FINE PRINT ART

  • € 100 voucher to be spent at the NEW OLD CAMERA photographic equipment retailer



A print from each awarded work, chosen by the jury and produced by the BRUNO MELADA PRINT FINE ART Laboratory, will remain in the archive of the Umane Tracce photographic award in view of a retrospective exhibition for the ten years of the Award.



By signing the participation form, the author declares to accept what is indicated in this announcement and to accept all the clauses contained in the information.

PHOTOGRAPHIC AWARD || Umane Tracce 0.1

in the memory of Nicola Paccagnella






Date of Birth:* _____________________On * ______________________________________________




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FB / IG / LINKEDIN contacts: ____________________________________________________________




Project title: *________________________________________________________________________


(*) mandatory fields for the purpose of accepting the participation form


Ask to be registered in the Umane Tracce Photographic Award and declares under his own responsibility that he has read and fully accepts the rules of the Award.


Furthermore, he declares to be the sole author of the images sent, to relieve the organizers from any request made by third parties in relation to the ownership of the copyright of the photographs and from the violation of the shooting locations and the rights of the persons represented, to be in possession of the release for images depicting people and / or things for which it is necessary to obtain specific consent (also, where due, pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003, "Code regarding the protection of personal data ").

In no case will the images sent contain data that can be classified as sensitive.

He also declares, not violating the Copyright Law, that the images sent for the Award are free from constraints by agencies and / or publishing houses.

The participant declares to allow the organizers of the Prize, to insert the photos of the winners, in the manner provided for in the announcement, in the Umane Tracce Prize Photo Archive and to use the photographs (always mentioning the name of the author) exclusively in the context of the Prize and its promotion.

The files and printed photographs of the winners, in the manner provided for in the announcement, will be kept in the Umane Tracce Award Photographic Archive for the purpose of creating a retrospective photographic exhibition on the occasion of the ten years of the Award. For more information, see the privacy policy at the bottom of the participation form.


The material required for submission to the Prize (see notice of participation) must be sent via WeTransfer to: and the sending must be confirmed with an email with the subject: "Confirmation of participation in the Umane Tracce Award", attaching this participation form duly completed.

Projects that do not comply with the provisions of the Umane Tracce Award announcement, or images deemed offensive, improper and harmful to human and social rights, will be excluded from the competition.

 By participating in the announcement of the Umane Tracce Photographic Award, photographers authorize the organizers to collect and process sensitive data, which will be used exclusively in the context of the Award and its promotion and in compliance with current legislation on privacy. The data will not be disclosed to third parties and will not be included in the mailing list of the Crowdbooks Publishing House and the Alcentoquarantadue Gallery, founders of the prize, unless with explicit consent.


You consent to the inclusion of your name via personal e-mail in the newsletter of the Alcentoquarantadue Gallery to stay informed about the exhibition events and in the mailing list of the Crowdbooks publishing house (tick the option)


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Information relating to the processing of personal data of participants - Umane Tracce Photo Award 0.1


Your data as participants in the Photographic Award - Umane Tracce 0.1 will be processed in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

The data controller is Enzo Cortini - via due giugno 83 / a - Legnaro (Padova) Italy, who can be contacted by e-mail at

We collect your personal identification data, contact details, artistic curriculum, the images you have created and any personal information referring to them.

The data is collected and processed for the following purposes: attribution of photographic works to their respective authors (also for the purposes of intellectual property regulations), awarding of prizes, publication of photographic volumes, archiving of works awarded prizes, setting up of exhibitions (such as specified in the announcement), execution of any other activity indicated in the announcement.

The processing of your data is lawful as it is based on the execution of a contract (more specifically, the tender notice) signed by you.

The data are kept for the time necessary to pursue the aforementioned purposes, and in particular: a) the data of the persons awarded prizes, for a maximum period of 15 years from the date of awarding of the prizes for the reference edition b) data of persons not awarded prizes for a maximum period of 2 years from the date of awarding of the prizes for the reference edition.

Your data may be transmitted to third parties such as members of juries, publishing houses, exhibition fitters, as well as (limited to images, your name and surname and brief information on the artistic curriculum) be disclosed to the public on the occasion of publications and exhibitions. The transmission and dissemination of data to third parties takes place in any case and always for the sole purpose of pursuing the purposes indicated above.

A full list of your rights is available at the link below. Your rights can be exercised by contacting the data controller

For any violation of your rights, you can complain to the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, if you are based in Italy, or alternatively to the reference authority for your country if you are based in a different country of the European Union.

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