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Everything you see here is gone.

The malt house in the port had long since ceased its operations and its original business activity. Since the 1980s, market and manufacturing regulations have gradually stripped it of its significance and purpose, and over these years of neglect it has become a makeshift shelter for many. Now the owner have started a complete redevelopment and for the building there was no other option but demolition. Amid neglect and abandonment, in the midst of a sealed fate, however, signs of life, proof of existence, gleams of dignity have sprung up.  

In the empty spaces that have been occupied, signs of human activity unfold into visual pathways striking a perfect balance between emotional value and suggestive force. Places that have been abandoned by our society and that have come back to life, torn edges that have been sewn up, telling stories that appear to be distant from us. 

We call them "invisible", so as to justify our indifference; we see them as "illegal", asserting our authority; we picture them as "invaders", calling on a power to defend us.

These are vestiges, which lead us to come to terms with our pervasive selfishness and encourage us to reflect and rediscover our humanity.


The photos were taken in November 2018 in Porto Marghera (Venice), Italy.

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