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Nicola Paccagnella was born near Venice, Italy in 1976. His university degree, graduation in spatial, urban and environmental planning, brings him, even in photography, to focus on the city with the many components that generate it and the essential componing elements of the landscape and daily life. 

His photograph is multifaceted: on the one hand, there is a photograph that, as journalist Claudia Sensi writes, tells fragments of contemporaries suspended between the real and the surreal, on a visual path in constant balance between emotional content and imaginative force. On the other hand, there is a photograph focused on places and urban objects, in which attention is more to the forms and individual elements that create an abstract urban mosaic. 

Since 2012 he's a member of Frequenze Visive, a local photographic group that explores and promoves the culture of photography. Some of his streetphotos of European cities are included in the collective exhibitions and catalogues curated by Frequenze Visive. 

"A real artist, a real talent of the camera, a rich personality of extraordinary human and creative qualities. In the shots of Nicola Paccagnella you can see the quintessence. Photographic tracks where our vision is completely immersed in the reproduced object. He brings us within his inner universe, in his psychic and introspective dimension. Like Lucio Fontana in his cuts provocatively struggled in search of hidden suggestions and truths, Paccagnella, even with a different intent and a different meaning, tries to push the glance beyond a defined space. An experimental research aimed at the discovery of suggestions, mysteries, hidden truths."

Francesca Boncompagni, critic and art historian for the G.L.G. BYRON AWARDS exhibition catalogue 2018.

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