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The Umane Tracce photographic award, established in memory of Nicola Paccagnella, who passed away in February 2020, selects humanistic photographic projects, which offer a personal interpretation of issues related to people's lives and the great themes of humanity.


The award was born from the will of the publisher of the volume Umane Tracce Stefano Bianchi | Crowdbooks and curator Paola Riccardi | Alcentoquarantadue to remember Nicola, underlining his artistic talent and design ability. For this reason the works will be rewarded for their excellence and originality.


Realities from the world of photography, and not only, have shown their interest in promoting the award as Media Partner, offering their support also with technical sponsorships; New Old Camera, Bruno Melada Stampa & Fine Art, Società Agricola Gerolimetto, Frequenze Visive, CSF Adams - Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia Adams..


A prestigious and heterogeneous jury will be in charge of choosing the best works:

Stefano Bianchi - |editor Crowdbooks | Paola Riccardi - critica e curatrice | Sara Munari - photographer and teacher| Musa Fotografia | Manuela Cigliutti - photoeditor | Gianmarco Maraviglia- Photogiournalist | Manuela De Leonardis - giournalist e storica dell'arte | Maki Gherzi - regista | Silvia Camporesi - fotografa e curatrice |


The award is directed by Enzo Cortini, with the artistic direction of Paola Riccardi.


The award, with free participation, is open from January 24 th of March to December 31st 2022.

The jury will be held between January and February 2023.

Exhibition, award ceremony and presentation of the book will take place in a venue to be defined, on March  2023.

UMANE TRACCE ©Nicola Paccagnella_-12.jpg
UMANE TRACCE ©Nicola Paccagnella_-5.jpg
UMANE TRACCE ©Nicola Paccagnella_-4.jpg
UMANE TRACCE ©Nicola Paccagnella_-3.jpg
UMANE TRACCE ©Nicola Paccagnella_-11.jpg
UMANE TRACCE ©Nicola Paccagnella_-7.jpg

All the pictures @IDACHESSA

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